95% of our projects are current client referrals!

We don’t “hard sell”! We do an initial presentation with your people, then you decide if you'll continue with a four-day session where your people explore, adapt, and customize how we apply the Max Proactive® technology in your organization.


If, at the end of the four day session, your people do not believe that what they have adapted will be a significant upgrade, they are welcome to pull the plug with our blessing and you will be billed only for travel and lodging.

Metrics Met!

In addition, if we can mutually agree on a set of measurement metrics, ADSI will guarantee that those metrics will be met or we will be there at no cost until they are (excluding travel and lodging).

An unheard of guarantee? You bet, but we believe the most advanced safety process in existence should have the strongest guarantee in the industry!

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